Gary Hennerberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Gary Hennerberg has a proven record of product launches and turnarounds where he is the Chief Marketing Officer for Microvascular Health Solutions. Hennerberg’s process begins with analysis and interpretation of data and numbers. He develops custom formulas, analyses and models based on 30-plus years of working with companies ranging from start-ups to large corporate entities. His breadth and depth of experience qualified him to be considered a full-stack marketer with experience in a broad array of marketing aspects including numbers crunching, storyteller for Microvascular Health Solutions, digital marketing, and is the voice-over on our videos. He is the author of the “Crack the Customer Mind Code, Seven Pathways from Head to Heart to YES,” and “Direct Marketing Quantified, the Knowledge is in the Numbers.” He is a regular speaker at marketing events and has been the author of a biweekly column for Target Marketing Magazine. Gary is a graduate of Fort Hays State University and the Direct Marketing Institute.